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Sententia 4 "They said, “We understand your concern. We want to help if we can, but don’t call us unless it’s an emergency. Psychotic episodes are normal,” they said. “They’re not emergencies. Your husband might start drinking too much. Don’t call us about that either. Don’t call us unless he [read more]


“My Life As A Mermaid”

The Sun Magazine "I get another letter from my sister who is in Honduras riding mules and skidding around the muddy mountain roads in a pick-up truck. The roads have curves sharp enough to tempt death, sharp enough to see yourself leaving. When the priest drives, she writes, he is [read more]


“End of August”

Little Patuxent Review "We were alone together at the pool swimming and resting in the sun. It was the slow end of August. The leaves were dark green, the sun running out. We hadn’t seen each other for many months though we had been in love once. That afternoon we [read more]


“O.K., Goodbye”

Indiana Review "Let’s say the first time she tries to walk out she loses her car keys in the front yard at night. She’s sassy, maybe a little drunk. She tosses her keys in the air but misses them on their way back down. The next thing she knows, she [read more]


“Halloween Don’ts”

Baltimore Fishbowl, October 27, 2013 Some of my scariest fashion faux pas have happened on Halloween night. Dracula is standing on my neighbors’ front porch. He’s been there for the last few weeks staring past their Ravens flag, past their excitable Jack Russell terriers, past their chain link fence to [read more]

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